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Informations according to § 5 TMG:

Stefan Gotteswinter
Hinterer Markt 17
93176 Beratzhausen

Do you have drawings on your project XYZ?

I generaly work by handdrawings and sketches and normaly show at least a photo of them in the project log. If I don't show it I either don't have a set of drawings/sketch or for some reason don't want to share it.

Can you machine me XYZ?

No, sorry, I am short on time and I have a project list that is already long enough. There are of course exceptions like very interesting projects, paid projects and take-over-the-world-projects.

Should I buy machine XYZ?

Maybe. Yes or No. Go and do the research, probability that somebody out there has the same machine you want to buy is very high. Use google, do research in webforums, take a look on youtube, maybe somebody has done a video on the machine or shows it in use.

This website looks like crap!

Yes, I decided to go for content, not design.

What happened to your old sites?

Gone. They where based on the very popular wordpress system which works quite well but for my purposes it is way to overloaded. I decided to go with a very basic design (also known as "no design" :-) ) but build the site in a way that is focused on content. It is completely file based and doesnt use any form of database.

Are you a professional machinist?

My dayjob is machining, CNC and Cam work, so I think somebody might call me a machinist ;-)

What equipment do you use for videos and photos?

Camera: Sony cx11e (Video) and Canon Eos 700D (Photo and video) with the kit 15-55mm lens, a 50mm/F1,8 and a 24mm/F2,8 prime lens
Video Editing software: Kdenlive running on Ubuntu

How can I contact you?

My public email adress is