27-03-2017: Home Shop Machinists Podcast, Tips and a new category:
New episode on the Home Shop Machinists Podcast is availible: Episode 4
This time Justin and Max have Dan Sherman as a guest.

The Tips section got an update too, concerning concave and conved radius tools for the lathe.

I added a category for the Small machines in my shop, like the tig welder or the air compressor.

13-03-2017: Digital readout for the lathe, G1L waycover
I added a digital readout to my lathe: DRO

My Deckel G1L engraving machine got a way cover for the knee.

27-02-2017: Rotary Broach and Chamfering machine builds
Readers of my website and the german webforum I frequent have shown their versions of the chamfer milling machine I build back in 2015 - I got permission to show their pictures on my website:
Chamfer milling machine - Versions

Using a set of plans from Heminway Kits I built a rotary broach that allows to machine internal profiles with sharp corners like a internal hex or square for a screw head.
The build is documented here: Rotary Broach

05-02-2017: Home Shop Machinist Podcast
Justin and Max just released a new episode of the Home Shop Machinst Podcast - A very entertaining episode about favourite non-machine-tool tools, pirate jokes and cars.
Direct link:
Home Shop Machinists Podcast Episode 3
iTunes link:
Home Shop Machinists Podcast on iTunes

03-02-2017: Cylindrical grinding attachement & Shop tips
I built an attachement for the surface grinder that allows for very precise cylindrical grinding between centers: Cylindrical grinding attachement
And on the same topic, Robin Renzetti (Who inspired me to this device) just showed an very ingenious way to do centerless grinding with a rather simple setup.

An section for simple, short shop tips was also added, it is down in the ressources section.

I will try to add content to that section (and the small projects section) on a regular basis.

02-02-2017: Compound replacement for the lathe
I made a solid replacement block for the compound of my lathe to increase the rigidity of the machine and to aid me in small production runs.
More is explained here or on the site specific to the lathe.

18-01-2017: Small Updates
Updated the site for the shaper and the LIP515 manual is now for download

15-01-2017: Small projects and shop site
I added a site for small projects that are not worth a full projectsite.
Link is down in the projects section - Or here: Small projects

Also a general site for the shop, showing the layout was added. Link down in the shop equipment section - Or here: The shop

08-01-2017: Home Shop Machinists Podcast
I was guest in the only (so far) homeshop machinist podcast out there, hosted by Justin and Max.
We talked about random shop stuff, chinese machines and tooling, the machinist hobby in germany, the availibilty of machines to hobbyists and beer.
Link to the Podcast: Homeshop Machinists Podcast - Episode 2
Be sure to check out the first episode too!

23-11-2016: Tripan toolholders
Another old project of mine, a set of ten toolholders for my Tripan 111 toolpost: Tripan toolholders

22-11-2016: Toolmakers block
Back in 2013 I made a toolmakers block, which was my first real project where did some scraping. I uploaded the photos and some text to go with it here: Toolmakers block

21-11-2016: Milling machine powerfeed
I built the powerfeed back in August 2015 but I never did a full writeup about it, there was only a four-part video series on youtube showcasing the build.
The complete writeup can be found here: X-Axis powerfeed

07-11-2016: 5C indexer for 5C collets, teardown

02-11-2016: My toolmakers magnets got mentioned on Hackaday
Link to the Hackaday article

27-10-2016: Spray misters
I wrote a text about spray misters, about shopbuilt and commercially available systems. This topic seems to be quite controversal and also interesting for a lot of homeshop machinists, as many of our smaller machines are not realy setup for flood cooleant or we don't want to have the mess of flooding the whole workspace of a machine with cooleant.

25-10-2016: Lathe chuck backstop
I built a backstop to machine disk shaped workpieces in the three jaw chuck with a high degree of precision. My design was inspired by Robin Renzetti. See the projects section for the full writeup.

24-10-2016: Bandsaw added to the machine section
I decided to add the bandsaw even if it is only a very utilitarian machine that is mostly used to break down material for further processing. But it has proven to be one of the most used machines and a great value for the money.

11-10-2016: Toolmakers magnets
See the projects section for the full article.

10-10-2016: Swiveling angle head for the milling machine
I adapted the swiveling angle head to my milling machine - Full writeup in the projects section.

26-09-2016: My squareness comparator got mentioned on Hackaday
Link to the Hackaday article

16-09-2016: Squareness comparator
I finished the squareness comparator, the complete article is here

14-09-2016: Optimum MB4
I did some more work to the Optimum milling machine, I did some scraping to the gibs and added oil grooves and wipers.

12-09-2016: Box parallel/Setup cube
Inspired by Tom Lipton I built a fabricated setup cube, see the projects section.

31-08-2016: Update for the squareness comparator

25-07-2016: Universal micrometer
I built a clone of the Mitutoyo UniMike, see the projects section.

18-07-2016: Collecting ideas for a squareness squareness comparator

18-07-2016: More content has been moved to the new site, the page for the Gack HE20 shaper has been created and populated with content.

13-07-2016: Added a page for my links, book recomendations and other resources down in the Random thoughts and rants section

10-07-2016: Angle head for the mill

07-07-2016: Blog added

06-07-2016: Contend is transfered from my old websites
Focus is at the pages concerning the machines, because thats of interest for a lot of people. I receive a lot of emails concerning the modifications on the lathe and mill, as they are a quite popular size, especially the RF45-style milling machine

05-07-2016: Page goes semi-online for testing purposes
I decided to go away from my Wordpress powered website that I used before, it is to overloaded for something as simple as this website.