Schaublin 70 parts

July 2017

I had a bunch of parts from a Schaublin 70 lathe to be refurbished.

One part was a slide from a milling attachment which had a pretty dinged surface and the area around the t-slot was raised about 5/100mm, so I put the part on the surface grinder and cleaned up the surface:

The customer wanted the surface to be scraped in addition to the surface grinding:

There was a second slide which had a broken adjustment gib, so I machined a new one out of cast iron. So thin gibs are very hard to keep straight during milling and surface grinding, but they can rather easy be bent straight afterwards.
Here I am setting up a grinding vice at an angle to cut the bevel on the top and bottom of the gib:

The two gibs compared to each other – The lower one is the original one, mine is the upper one.
On the original one seems to have the bevel cut on a shaper, but across the part, not along its length.
Compared to that, mine has a milled crosshatch finish:

The sliding surface of the gib was also scraped to reduce the bearing surface and give the oil some room to go. The magnetic chuck is a good tool for holding thin parts for scraping:

Mounted in the slide – It is a very close fitting gib, even without adjustment screws the side to side play in the slide is only about 2..3/100mm:

There was another part to be worked on, the lever of a lever actuated slide. The pivot holes where completely worn, about 5/10mm oversized.
The holes needed to be bored and sleeved - i used my setup block and old gage blocks to clamp the lever down without any distortion so the holes would still line up after the clamps where removed:

The holes where bored out with a small pHorn solid carbide boring bar used in the Wohlhaupter UPA1 boring head:

Using the DTI to center the original bores as good as possible (They are worn out of round), and saving the positions in the DRO of the milling machine so I can bore them both, sleeve them and them come back and rebore and ream them in one setup:

Punches (A standard tool&die part) make a good gage pin if nothing else is availible:

I glued in a undersized drilled bushing with Loctite 648, rebored the sleeves to get the true position and then reamed them to 8mm final size:

All the reworked parts, ready for shipping: