Swiveling angle head

September 2016

A few months ago I aquired an interesting swiveling angle head for a milling machine, which i mentioned in a blog post:
Swiveling angle head

It turned out that the head belongs to a Mikron toolroom mill:
Part No. 60.01 and 60.15 Adjustable Multi-angle Milling Head
Able to be swivelled through 360° vertically, it could be angled though 180° horizontally and contained heavy-duty gearing made from hardened and ground materials.

Source: Lathes.co.uk / Mikron milling machines

When I took it apart I realized that the head was only clamped in the massive adapter piece (Which was an aluminum casting). When I pulled it out of the adaptor there was a ground sleeve:

My first plan was to cut the sleeve down to be shorter and make an adapter to fit it. The sleeve was cast iron and no problem for the bandsaw:

After cutting it of I realized that the sleeve was only screwed onto the swiveling head – Oops:

Now I just had to machine an adapter that slips over the end of the quill and where the swiveling head screws into.

I did not have a piece of aluminum big enough for the complete adaptor, so I glued two pieces together with Loctite 648:

Then it got machined down to fit the quill of my mill and threaded to accept the swiveling head:

The adaptor was then slit to form a clamping ring:

And drilled/tapped for the clamping screw:

I have no indexing on the head or the adaptor, I prefer to tram it in before use – It does not take long and that way the precision is always guaranteed.

I machined down an old MT4 tool to act as a drive - It was hardened but no match for a carbide insert:

That’s the final setup on the milling machine:

Examples of setup: