The shop

The shop has a size of roughly 5x4m and is located in the basement, below ground level.
I have 230V single phase (16A Schuko) and 400V three phase (16A CEE outlets) to power my machines and compressed air supplied by a compressor in the storage room next to the shop. Compressed air is distributed by copper pipes and can be accessed by multiple DN7,2 connectors.
The shop is heated trough the central house heating and never gets colder than 15°C. I have to run a dehumidifier to keep the moisture in the air down to 60..65%.

The workbench area of the shop, on the left my main workbench, the second one is a drawer cabinet with the bench vise on it.

On the right side of the benches the machine area begins - With the lathe, the surface grinder and the t&c grinder in one corner:

The lathe and the surface grinder, the space looks a bit tight, but there is more than enough room to work comfortable:

Further to the right, there is the engraving machine and my milling machine. Close to the door, I have a table with my surface plate:

Lighting in the shop is provided by four T8 fixtures on the ceiling and some 21W Led Bulbs in the lamps mounted on the machines. That provides more than enough light for machining and filming.