4x6 Horizontal Bandsaw Motor

Original this bandsaw came with a very oldschool style single phase motor, with a centrifugal switch for the capacitor. While the motor works well, it tends to get very hot when it is running for long time. Also the gearbox has gotten quite a bit of backlash:

I decided to replace motor, beltdrive and the gearbox with an industrial 3 phase motor that has a build in gearbox - Motor specs are 230/400V 3 Phase, 0,37kW, outputting 110rpm at 50Hz, made in Germany by SEW.
There was a sprocket on the output shaft, that I had to remove with the anglegrinder, carefulling cutting tangential to the shaft - There was no other way to get it off, it was completely seized:

Then I removed the original motor and gearbox:

I fabricated an adapter plate to fit the bandsaw and the new motor:

The wheel needed a slight modification to fit the larger shaft of the gearbox:

The finished modification:

The motor will run of a VDF, ranging from 0-80Hz, resulting in a surface speed of the bandsaw blade from 0-111m/min, which allows me to cut anything from hard toolsteels, aluminum and with some limitations even wood.