4x6 Horizontal Bandsaw Table

I have this bandsaw for over 15 years and it was always a great addition to my shop – But normaly those bandsaws come with an table that can be mounted on the frame of the saw when it is in vertical position to convert it into a vertical bandsaw.
My saw came without it (And as it seems without any means of mounting one), but as I am used to use vertical bandsaws a lot at work I wanted to build a table for mine for a very long time.

I was a bit intimidated by the fact that there is no machined surface where I can mount such a table and that was also my starting point – I took a die grinder with a carbide burr and worked down a surface behind the lower blade guide to be flat and square to the blade:

Using a piece of cold drawn steel and a square I could check my progress:

I did some rough blueing to check the flatness of the surface – Like you would when you are scraping, only that I was using the die grinder with a carbide burr:

The finished mounting surface:

I fabricated a mounting bracked for the table out of some square tubing and some angle steel:

After it was all welded together I machined top and bottom flat:

Drilling and tapping the mounting hole with an M8 thread, using the v-block as a guide to get it square:

Then I drilled the mounting hole into the bracket – The upper hole got opened up to 20mm:

There is a reason for the big diameter of the upper hole: I wanted to protect the square tube from being deformed by the M8 mounting screw, so I welded in a piece of 20mm roundstock that has been drilled trough for screw clearance:

This piece will take all the compression force from the screw without deforming the bracket.

I added two dowel pins for quick alignment:

The tabletop itself is a piece of 200x200x8mm sheetmetal, that I squared up on the outer edges and then machined in the slot for the saw blade:

The hole for the mounting screw got drilled trough into the tabletop and counterbored to get the screw flush with the table:

After a quick coat of paint on the unmachined surfaces it was done: