4x6 Horizontal Bandsaw Vertical modification

A frame was welded out of 30x30x3 square tubing. The frame of the bandsaw sits between two uprights and is bolted on with four M6 screws, this results in a very rigid mounting. The height was chosen to get the table of the bandsaw about 1,4m above the floor, to get it to a ergonomic height for me:

The blue cooleant hose is hooked up to compressed air and can be used to clear the workpiece from chips:

The finished cabinet, the sidewalls and the door are 10mm plywood, painted with the same grey as the frame:

The stand has built in shelfes that hold a good amount of material - Valuable storage space with a very small footprint:

It has proven to be a very usefull modification, I use my bandsaw a lot for rough machining and material removal before going to the milling machine and for that purpose a vertical bandsaw is more usefull. A lot of people asked me if I miss the horizontal mode, where the saw cuts basicaly automatic - The answer is no, I don't cut very much large diameter stock, Most things I cut are smaller than 50mm in diameter. And the bandsaw cuts pretty fast anyway, with the right blade, it rips trough a piece of 30x40mm carbon steel in about a minute.
The smaller foodprint of 350x400mm is a nice benefit too.