Rubberbellows and axis lock to to the vertical column

The original toothrest was not very usefull. Very bulky, not stable enough and rough machined.
I took the parts, remachined them and made a few new parts to form a useable toothrest.

Starting with the mounting bracket, I surfaceground both sides and drilled/reamed/slitted/tapped the end to form a clamp:

One of the arms with a clamp on the end was cleaned up on the surfacegrinder:

In this very basic configuration it can not only be used as a toothrest, but also to hold a diamond dresser on the table or on top of the universal dividing head:

The fingers for the toothrest where made out of an old hacksawblade – All done on the surfacegrinder – Removed the teeth, ground to thickness.
The arms with the fingers screwed on are made out of hardened/ground shafting, with flats ground on the end, drilled/tapped to mount the fingers.

Here you can see the toothrest assembled and in use to index the cutting flutes of a dovetail cutter: