Lathe µkroDreh 075-550

This machine started out as a Chinese 10×22 (250×550 in metric…) lathe that I used for years straight out of the box. After a few years of use without any problems I decided that its time to make the machine better.

This is a picture of the machine as it looks today:

Lathe in current shape

And this is a picture a few months after I got it:

Lathe in original shape

There is a rather detailed video on Youtube where I show some of the modifications:
Shoptalk #7 / 9x20 lathe

Things that where changed:

  • All guideways where rescraped and the mating surfaces coated with Diamant Moglice slideway epoxy
  • The headstock was bored out and a spindle cartridge was fitted
  • The tailstock was modified to a rack/pinion action
  • A 3Ph motor and a Omron VFD where fitted to give infinite adjustable speed
  • The QCTP was changed to a Tripan 111 which fits this size of machine way better than the Multifix A I used before
  • New base for the machine which acts as a spine for the machine and has a integrated chip/cooleant tray
  • New cross slide bearing block and dial were made
  • Compound replacement - Solid tool block
  • Digital readout, linear scales and way covers