Small machines

On this site I will list the machines that are not worth a dedicaded site, but are absolutely necessary to run a shop.

Bench Grinder Metabo DS150

A basic 150mm bench grinder used for generic tool grinding.
It is setup with a coarse 36grit wheel on the left and a 60grit wheel on the right side, both aluminum oxide.

Air compressor

For many years I had a very loud one zylinder, oil lubricated, direct drive compressor with a 50l tank. Most of the time that compressor was up to what I needed it - Airgun to clear chips, a nailgun and a paint sprayer.
But in the recent time I use more and more compressed air with tools like a rightangle die grinder or the Fogbuster lubrication system. That made the loud compressor run very often to fill the tank - And while the compressor sits in the storage room next to my shop, it is still annoyingly loud.
For that reason I decided to buy one of those "silent" compressors with the two Diaphragm pumps. Those run without oil and are reasonable quiet - While delivering a good amount of air.

The unit I have choosen puts out 240l/min, has a 50l tank, a total power rating of 1500W and tops out at 8bar. It is also an import machine that is sold by a variety of suppliers and you should not have problems to find one similar to this.

Tig welder

My Tig welder is a 200amp DC/Puls machine - While it is a chinese import it works quite well. Almost all my work is steel, so I don't have need for a machine with AC capabilities.

The standard 17 size torch and the CK worldwide 9 size torch - Both gas cooled:

Consumables - Standard hardware and stubby gas lens for the 17 size torch and normal hardware for the 9 size torch:

Blast cabinet

A very cheap 90L volume blasting cabinet - It got outsourced into a shed as those cabinets create quite a lot of airborne dust which you don't want to have near your precision machines.
I run 150µm glas beads for cleaning and finishing surfaces in it. I have my old compressor dedicated to it and added a water trap - Otherwise the glas beads tend to get wet and lump up.