Emco Super 11 lathe

Video to go along with the machine:
Emco Maximat Super 11
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Additional topics regarding the machine:

Reasoning for choosing this machine:

After slightly more than ten years of service I retired my import lathe that I used up to this day (Which was my second lathe, the first one was a 7×12 minilathe) and replaced it with a used Emco Maximat Super 11.

I got the machine from a machinery dealer and it had only one previous owner, a model engineer who bought the machine around ’83 new.
Overall condition of the machine is excellent, the bed and the dovetails have close to no wear at all.

Current condition of the lathe, with some modifications (Solid tool post mount, waycovers)

The decision for this exact machine was driven by the following points:

  • Geared spindlehead for quick speedchange and high torque on low speeds
  • Mainspindle running in proper spindlebearings
  • A well designed gearbox for feeds/threading – The Super 11 can do all common feeds and metric threads without changing gears. For doing common imperial threads, only one gear needs to be changed
  • A spindle with an internal taper that is large enough (Morsetaper 4) to accommodate collets. In case of the Emco L20 and 355E (Deckel style) collets fit with a reducing sleve
  • Slightly larger work envelope – The Super 11 can swing 280mm over the bed and take 660mm between centers