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Stefan Gotteswinter
Hinterer Markt 17
93176 Beratzhausen



Do you have drawings on your project XYZ?

I generaly work by handdrawings and sketches and normaly show at least a photo of them in the project log. If I don’t show it I either don’t have a set of drawings/sketch or for some reason don’t want to share it.

Can I get a quote for parts to be machined?

Yes, go here: Customer work

Should I buy machine XYZ?

Maybe. Yes or No. Go and do the research, probability that somebody out there has the same machine you want to buy is very high. Use google, do research in webforums, take a look on YouTube, maybe somebody has done a video on the machine or shows it in use.

Are you a professional machinist?

I guess so.

I served an apprenticeship in mechatronics. Then I worked for some time in on of our inhouse test labs for switch gear, progressed to work as a machinist in a shop that built the test equipment for those labs. Lots of manual machining but thats also where I learned Cad/Cam and started to do a lot of cnc machining.
After a few years I changed over into our prototyping shop where I do almost exclusively cnc milling of prototype parts out of plastic and metals. The Cad/Cam software I have to use is Creo (formerly known as ProEngineer) with the NC-module for Cam. The machine I run is a Datron M10pro, which is a nice, heavy duty cnc router. Since working in the prototyping area, I don’t get to run much manual machinery anymore, just a bit work on a manual lathe/mill.

What equipment do you use for videos and photos? And what would you reccomend?

Camera: Sony cx11e (Video) and Canon Eos 700D (Photo and video) with the kit 15-55mm lens, a 50mm/F1,8 and a 24mm/F2,8 prime lens
For Audio (Both in the shop and for voiceover I use a Zoom H1 recorder.
Video Editing software: Kdenlive running on Ubuntu, Audacity and ffmpeg for audiocorrections.

I would NOT reccomend a DSLR for filming. At least not for a beginner – They are painfull to use, as they are primarily made for photography, not filming. On a lot of them the microphone is not very good.
A good consumer grade camcorder will record very good video and most of them have a very descent microphone. If you have very good light, a midrange smartphone will also shoot quite descent video.

Can I send you viewermail/fanmail?

As much as I appreciate my viewers sending me tools: Please don’t. My shop is fully operational, I have basically any tool that I need. If you have tools to give away, find a young machinist, apprentice, student, hobbyist thats starting out and help him/her!

How can I contact you?

My public email adress is gtwr@gtwr.de

Be aware that I get a large number of emails and in a lot of cases I just don’t have the time to answer them. Keeping the mail as short and concise as possible largely improves the chance to get an answer.