Isel MiniFlat – TM 40-2 Cnc router

The German Company Isel had a low-cost three axis system in their portfolio to be used as a dispenser, pcb drill, cnc mill and much more. Those machines came with proper linear ways, ballscrews and 2,5A stepper drives, the z-axis had a brake, to prevent it from sagging down from its own weight. Pretty much everything on these machines was made in Germany, even the aluminium extrusions and the ballscrews.
The MiniFlat series, as it was called, was very low priced and very popular amongst hobbyists and small businesses.
Unfortunately Isel discontinued the MiniFlat series – But I got an New-Old-Stock machine without the Isel Cnc controller.

The Machine came in three sizes, all had 295mm y-travel, 150mm z-travel and 200mm clearance below the gantry. The only difference between the three sizes was the x-travel: 400, 800 and 1000mm where available.
The machine I got is the smallest one with 400/295/150mm travel, the Isel i-TM 40-2.

As a tool spindle I have choosen a Kress FME-P 1050, it is basicaly a router motor, but with proper ER16 collets and better bearing configuration, also it has improved runout specs over the normal router motors.

Recently the spindle was changed against a 0,8kW highspeed spindle and a additional ISO10 toolchanger from Mechatron.