Lip 515 surface grinder

Video to go along with the machine:
LIP 515 surface grinder
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For the longest time I wanted to have a small surface grinder in the shop, know..surface grinding stuff. Cleaning up vice jaws, grind drill/endmill marks out of parallels and make cheap import machine tooling precise.

I am very limited on space in my shop, so I was looking at a small tabletop blanchard grinder like the Kugelmueller/GMN MPS1 but the market on these is pretty much ruined. A few years ago you could get one for scrap money, now they go for anything between 500 and 5000 bucks…

But then, on Ebay, I found something way more interesting, a LIP 515 surface grinder that seemed to have seen better days.

After some work I had to put into the machine I had a nice, very compact surface grinder for my basement machine shop: