Sine dresser

Video to go along with the project:
Angle dresser for the surface grinder

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As usual, projects or parts require often specialized tooling, this time the task demands a grinding wheel with an angle dressed to it.

I didn’t want to buy a Commercial made dresser, even the simples one from Vertex is relatively expensive. Going trough my parts bin, I found a short piece of linear guide, with one carriage, Size 9, made by Ina, that and a few pieces of toolsteel and I ended up with this contraption:

This first iteration of the angle dresser had two pins, exactly 70mm apart to form a sine bar, which allows for very precise angular setting, using gage blocks.
It was designed to be held in the grinding vice:

Dressing a 30° angle on a grinding wheel

This worked quite well but had issues with clearance above the magnet chuck, I had to crank the wheelhead up all the way and on certain settings the dresser still would not fit under the wheel.

I took a small angle-casting (Which was in fact the movable jaw of the vice on my bandsaw), surfaceground it precisely square and mounted the dresser with the movable slide up against it.
This made the whole design way more low profile and useable:

Here it is setup on the magnetic chuck of the grinder, the last picture shows the gage blocks under the pins.

While the linearguide has wipers to keep dirt out, I still like to cover the whole sine dresser with a plastic bag that has a hole for the diamond punched trough. That – and dust extraction – holds away pretty much all the dressing grit.