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08-10-2017: Sine dresser
I had to build a sine dresser for an upcoming project, to grind some dovetails on the surface grinder.
Sine dresser

03-10-2017: Home Shop Machinists Podcast, New surface plate
Episode 11 of the Home Shop Machinist Podcast just got released!
Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 11 – Shop of the Future

I got a new surface plate:
Small tools and accessories - Surface plate
A nice 640x400mm plate, grade 0, better than 7/1000mm within flatness allowed, inspection report shows 3,5/1000mm max. deviation.

07-09-2017: Indicator stand, Home Shop Machinists Podcast
Robin Renzetti showed a very well designed indicator stand on Instagram - I decided to build a copy of that indicator stand:
Solid indicator stand

Speaking of Robin - He was guest at the Home Shop machinist Podcast. A two hour episode, well worth listening to, lots of small bits of knowledge from a veteran of the trade. Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 10 - Practitioner of the Mechanical Arts

If you are not listening to that episode, you are realy missing out.


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  • Isel Miniflat i-TM 40-2 Cnc Router
  • D-Bit Grinder Holzmann UWS3
  • Unknown 4x6 Bandsaw
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  • Adapter plate to mount a chuck onto a rotary table
  • Universal micrometer with exchangable anvils
  • Chamfering machine
  • Box parallel/Setup cube
  • Swiveling angle head for the milling machine
  • Toolmakers magnets
  • Lathe chuck backstop
  • Toolmakers block
  • Tripan toolholders
  • Cylindrical grinding attachement
  • Rotary Broach
  • Solid indicator stand
  • Sine dresser
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