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15-07-2017: Isel MiniFlat i-TM 40 Cnc Router
I had the opportunity to buy a new Cnc router that fits the work I do very well.
More here: Isel MiniFlat i-TM 40

04-07-2017: Home Shop Machinists Podcast, New project category, one year anniversary of this website
Justin and Max released a new episode of their podcast!
Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 7 – Work Holding

I added a section for work that I did for friends or customers:
Customer Projects

And something to celebrate - at least for me ;-) - This website is in this form online for over one year now. The feedback I got for this style of website was very good, you, my readers for the most part seem to like the simple, minimalistic style of this site and the quality of the content.
Thanks to all of you who read this website, sent me feedback (Sorry. I can not answer each individual email, but I read them all.) or linked my site from somewhere else.
Without you, the readers, this site would be useless.

14-06-2017: Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 6
I was for a second time guest to the Home Shop Machinist Podcast, joining Justin and Max, talking shop, scraping, beer, Makita and Bosch tools and books:
Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 6 – All Scraped Up


Shop equipment

  • The shop
  • Small machines
  • Lathe µkroDreh 075-550
  • Milling machine Optimum MB4
  • Shaper Gack HE20
  • Engraving machine Deckel G1L
  • Surface grinder LIP515
  • Isel Miniflat i-TM 40-2 Cnc Router
  • D-Bit Grinder Holzmann UWS3
  • Unknown 4x6 Bandsaw
  • Projects

  • Small projects that are not worth a dedicated projectsite
  • Customer Projects
  • ER25 collet block
  • Indicator clamp
  • Tripan parting tool holder
  • Ball turning tool for my 10x22 lathe
  • Adapter plate to mount a chuck onto a rotary table
  • Universal micrometer with exchangable anvils
  • Chamfering machine
  • Box parallel/Setup cube
  • Swiveling angle head for the milling machine
  • Toolmakers magnets
  • Lathe chuck backstop
  • Toolmakers block
  • Tripan toolholders
  • Cylindrical grinding attachement
  • Rotary Broach
  • Links, Book recommendations and other resources

    Downloads (manuals, plans, etc.)

    Random thoughts and rants

  • A loose collection of shop tips
  • Magnetic Chuck on the lathe?
  • Mist cooleant systems
  • FAQ and Contact Informations

    My public email adress is in the Frequently asked Questions - Please take time and go through those before you email me, maybe your Question is already answered there. If you find a mistake on my website or I am totaly wrong on a topic, please feel free to email me.